Wedding videos "used to be" one watch wonders, and then never viewed again.  Today our shortened highlights version, and chaptered DVDs are viewed more often than we could ever imagined.  "I lost my father shortly after my wedding, and nothing brings him back like viewing my father daughter dance" shared one client of Team Exclusive.  "We don't know just how important the memories we capture are going to be someday" McCarthy admits.  Team exclusive brings a unique style to the video industry, in that they have revolutionized the desire for wedding day videos.  "Documentary, real life, and unscripted" is the description McCarthy uses to describe the video productions put out by Team Exclusive.  "We want the client to feel the spirit of their wedding day" he says.  Driven by the passion to create a real life compliment to photography, Team Exclusive HD video focuses on the emotions spilled out in laughing, crying, and spoken word.  "I have had so many clients that have said "I gladly would have paid more for this."  It seems the emotion between a bride and groom during the vows, first dance and parents dance is so heightened that the best way to bring all these elements together is through video.  Satisfied customers obviously agree, and their referrals keep our phone ringing.

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